White Collar Crimes

Defending Professionals Accused Of Crimes

At the Owensboro law firm of Gordon Goetz Johnson Caldwell, PSC, our extensive experience in both business law and criminal law makes us ideally equipped to protect our clients’ against complex charges that blur the line between the two areas of practice. We are able to manage the Kentucky criminal code with business acumen because of our in-depth knowledge. Sometimes, what the prosecution calls fraud is simply a misunderstanding over corporate reimbursement policies or other practices. Our lawyers defend business professionals, physicians and other individuals against the following charges, among others:

  • Embezzlement — You may be accused of embezzlement simply for misusing an expense account or allegedly misappropriating company funds.
  • Wire fraud — This involves using the internet, text messages, emails, phone calls or other interstate communication methods to help perpetuate a crime. It tends to be one of the federal government’s fallback charges.
  • Mail fraud — Similar to wire fraud, this involves using the U.S. Postal Service to send crime-related documents or packages through the mail.
  • Bribery — Federal law makes it a crime to offer any item of value to public officials, police officers, politicians, judges or other public servants in an attempt to influence their decisions. Likewise, it is against the law to accept such a bribe.
  • Money laundering — This offense can take many forms, from forming a shell company to redistribute stolen funds to using offshore accounts to make the money untraceable.
  • Mortgage fraud — You may find yourself under investigation by the FBI’s Financial Institution Fraud Unit if you falsify or misrepresent information on a loan application.
  • Health care fraud — As a patient, you may be charged with this offense for making an insurance claim for a nonexistent injury. As a health care provider, you may be accused of fraud for accepting kickbacks, providing unnecessary services or billing more for a service than it is worth.

Our criminal defense attorneys also handle many other white collar crime charges, including Medicaid/Medicare fraud, insurance fraud, identity theft, credit card fraud, tax evasion, insider trading, bunco scams, RICO and more.

Take Action As Soon As You Suspect You Are Under Surveillance

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