Family Law

Resolving Family-Related Legal Concerns

Gordon Goetz Johnson Caldwell, PSC, maintains a richly developed family law practice. Based in downtown Owensboro, our attorneys regularly represent individuals, couples and families throughout the Green River area. We are experienced in everything from simple, no-asset divorces on behalf of young couples to complex, high-asset dissolutions involving multimillion-dollar family-owned businesses.

Among other issues, we can assist you with the following in Kentucky:

  • Simple divorces — Young couples with no children or those with few assets may be able to obtain a relatively quick and easy divorce.
  • Later-life or complex divorces — Many couples who divorce later in life face the challenge of dividing professional practices, stock options and other complex assets.
  • Child custody and visitation — Whether you are getting divorced or you were never married to the other parent, creating an effective parenting plan is essential.
  • Child support and alimony — Financial support can be a hotly contested topic, so it is important that the amount you pay or receive is fair.
  • Paternity — Establishing paternity is the first step to obtaining child support or exercising your legal rights as a father.
  • Adoption — Bringing a new child into your family can be a joyous event, but it also comes with many legal requirements.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — A legal agreement can safeguard your interests, should the marriage end.
  • Juvenile neglect and abuse — These complex cases call for diligent and experienced advocacy to protect your parental rights.

Utilizing Discretion And Skill To Resolve Your Concerns

Family law matters are the most personal of legal issues and may accompany the most challenging times in your life. Because these cases often entail investigation into financial and interpersonal relationships, our law firm combines legal skill with discretion. Our mission is to effectively resolve your immediate concerns while protecting your family’s future.

We encourage you to schedule an initial consultation about any family law or divorce concern by calling our Owensboro lawyers at 270-684-5757. You can also reach Gordon Goetz Johnson Caldwell, PSC, by email.