Divorce Later in Life

Resolving Family-Related Legal Concerns

The divorce lawyers of Gordon Goetz Johnson Caldwell, PSC, frequently represent business owners, farming professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and other high net worth individuals and their spouses in Owensboro and throughout Western Kentucky. In many cases, these divorces occur later in life, forcing the couple to deal with a wide range of complex issues and concerns.

If you are going through a later-life or gray divorce, you may have many questions such as, “Do I have to divide my 401(k) with my ex-spouse? If so, how can I afford to retire?” Or, “How can we split the value of our multimillion-dollar agribusiness while still keeping it operational?”

Our attorneys are here to answer your questions and resolve your concerns in a professional, cost-sensitive manner. We are skilled in creating qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs), explaining the tax implications of marital dissolution and much more.

Professional Counsel In A Spectrum Of Sophisticated Legal Issues

Our firm is well-equipped to assist you with all types of divorce-related issues, including:

  • Dividing marital assets such as pensions, retirement accounts, stock options, vacation homes, farm acreage and investment property
  • Valuing closely held businesses and professional practices
  • Custody or visitation disputes related to interstate relocation requests and other complicated issues
  • Alimony concerns, including the ability to maintain a certain lifestyle after divorce
  • Tax issues related to divorce in Kentucky

In every situation, you can count on Gordon Goetz Johnson Caldwell, PSC, to perform a detailed cost-benefit analysis of negotiating a settlement versus litigating the case. Our goal is to uphold your best interests, both financially and emotionally.

Serving Clients Across The Green River Area

To arrange an initial consultation about any complex divorce in Western Kentucky, please contact our firm at 270-684-5757. Alternatively, you may reach an attorney at our firm via email.