Child Custody

Guiding Parents Toward Workable Solution

Any divorce involving children requires strenuous efforts on the part of all parties to ensure that the children’s emotional development and physical well-being are not adversely affected. Even in uncontested divorces, difficult decisions must be made about the child’s primary residence, how many overnights he or she will have with the other parent, and more. Gordon Goetz Johnson Caldwell, PSC, is an Owensboro law firm committed to providing professional, strategic and vigorous representation to parents, grandparents and other interested parties throughout Western Kentucky. Our firm’s lawyers are dauntless advocates in family law cases. At the same time, we understand the importance of seeking amicable resolutions to custody disputes whenever possible. We realize that creating workable parenting schedules outside of court is often the most beneficial approach for both parents and their children.

When Custody Is Determined By The Court

If you and the other parent do not decide on custody and visitation arrangements through mediation or negotiation, for instance, the local family law court will make the determination. In such cases, the court seeks to uphold the best interests of the child. It will take the following issues into consideration, among others:

  • The child’s age
  • The child’s typical daily routine
  • Parental involvement in the child’s care
  • Any special needs the child may have
  • The parents’ respective ability to provide a safe and nurturing environment
  • Whether grandparents or other third parties qualify as de facto custodians

When custody is disputed, the court may appoint a guardian ad litem (GAL). The court generally directs a GAL to investigate facts and allegations surrounding custody, and the GAL will file his or her report with the court. This report will often contain custodial or parenting plan recommendations. The court usually places significant weight on the GAL’s findings in arriving at a custody rights decision.

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